Wednesday, October 24, 2007

"Do It Yourself" House Warming Gifts

What gifts can we give to a DIY (do it yourself) enthusiasts? He probably already have all the tools needed for his hobby. You wouldn't want to load him up with more tools. I believe what a DIY (do it yourself) enthusiast will appreciate will be materials to use with his do it yourself skills, especially materials that will make his home more comfortable, attractive and welcoming.

Address signs is an online merchant that you may get that material for a Do It Yourself enthusiast. Here is one for a Do It yourself wannabe - Personalized Doormats. You can do your own personalization can call it something you did it yourself. The only deficiency (in my opinion) is that Roland's House Warming Gifts did not have a gift voucher program. Otherwise, a family member, relative, friend, colleague or invited guest can get a Roland's gift voucher as a house warming gift for the Do It Yourself practitioner who then can do the customization himself or herself (got to make sure the fairer sex don't start knocking me for not supporting sexual equality) and claim it as his or her real do it yourself project. That is no lie, for after all, the customization was done by himself or herself.

Or even better, add a "wish list" so that a Do It Yourself new home owner can put up his needs and use that also to ensure there are no duplicate, triplicate or quadruplicate gifts, for if no one knows exactly what the new home owner needs, or what had already been pledge, the poor Do It Yourself new home owner may end up with house warming gifts that he or she (just making doubly sure the fairer sex are satisfied) do not end up with house warming gifts he or she (here we go again) cannot use, or end up with duplicate, triplicate or quadruplicate or whatever-plicates house warming gifts, the excess which he or she (just to make sure) have to use creative power as to what to do with them.

Hey, I think that these are such a good ideas to suggest to Roland's House Warming online merchant I think I will do that as soon as I publish this post.

Door mats are not the best choice for a "do it yourself" project, but there are better alternatives - custom address plaque. That should do a better job of convincing a visitor that it is a real do it yourself project.

New home means a change of address, so you may want to get Personalized Change of Address Stationery, perhaps even persuade Roland's House Warming Gifts to make the personalized change of address stationery looks hand made or something, so that it will look like another do it yourself project.

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